We are proud to offer Western Financial Group  clients across Canada exclusive access to the WestGUARD employee benefits program.

WestGUARD Employee Benefits Program

Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions is proud to offer Western Financial Group commercial insurance clients across Canada exclusive access to the WestGUARD employee benefits program. We understand that in today's competitive job market, having a dependable and affordable employee benefits program is critical to attracting and retaining employees. Regardless of whether or not you currently have an employee benefits program in place, the WestGUARD employee benefits program can help save you premium dollars.

We are confident that WestGUARD will help Western Financial Group clients save money while providing the right level of coverage through this exclusive program. We are here to help you with your insurance needs and help reduce your insurance costs.

Program Features and Enhancements:
  • Premium Savings - Receive immediate premium savings for equivalent coverage.
  • Rate Stability - Stability is generated by spreading claims over the entire pool.
  • Program Flexibility - Many different coverage options to choose from.
  • Online Direct Invoicing/Billing - Massage therapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors may invoice claim payment service provider Green Shield Canada direct, avoiding any out of pocket expenses.
  • Pay-Direct Drug/Dental Card - All insured persons will receive this automatic payment card, which is like a credit card that insured persons can use for their drugs and dental services, to prevent having to pay up front and then applying for reimbursement. Insureds are required merely to pay the amount of any deductible or co-insurance at the time of purchase/service.