Please send all claim forms directly to Green Shield Canada. All address information
can be found on the claim form.

Questions? Contact Green Shield’s Help Line at

WestGUARD Claims

Submitting a Health or Dental Claim

  • All claims submitted to Green Shield Canada will require the Green Shield Identification Number for the person who has received the benefit and the appropriate claim form to be filled out.
  • The applicable Green Shield Identification Number can be found adjacent to the name of the covered person on your Green Shield Canada Identification Card (dependents are on the back of the card).
  • All claims must be received by Green Shield no later than 12 months from the date the Eligible Service was incurred.
  • Many health service providers will bill Green Shield directly by submitting a Green Shield claim form on your behalf.

Sending your claim
If you have paid the provider, send your claim form with an original itemized paid receipt, a medical referral if required, the patient’s name, address and Green Shield Identification Number, to the applicable address indicated on the claim form.

If you have registered (and activated) for Subscriber Online Services, you can determine your eligibility for many items and services. If not, register today for Subscriber Online Services. You can also call Green Shield's Customer Service Centre at 1-888-711-1119 to determine eligibility for a specific item or service.

We know that confidentiality of personal information is important. Any information you provide to us will be kept in an employee benefits file. Access to information will be limited to our employees and representatives in the performance of their jobs.